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IT outsource

in a fast moving world, companies need to adapt and find new breakthroughs in an ever changing business environment in order to keep the pace and win the competition. GenIO brings IT resources that are competent, reliable and well-versed with the latest IT technology advancement and trends to support the optimization and delivery of your IT services in supporting your business requirements. our experts help you make the full benefits of your IT investments and let your company focus solely on the business strategy and satisfy the needs of your customer, the key success factor for your business growth.

our rigorous recruitment program ensures the highest-calibre software engineers and IT specialist are available for your various IT solution development including areas of:

3 Service icon Custom gradasi 2

application development and support

3 Service icon ecommerce gradasi 2

ecommerce and web application

3 Service icon Analysis gradasi 2

functional business and analysis

3 Service icon system integration gradasi 2

system integration

3 Service icon Database gradasi 2

database design, administration and maintenance

3 Service icon software test gradasi 2

software quality assurance and testing

3 Service icon project mgmt gradasi 2

project management

3 Service icon Apps mobile gradasi 2

mobile solution

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